Spaceships – Update

It’s been a while since the last post (and the game still doesn’t have a name), mainly because there wasn’t any noteworthy feature to talk about.
The last significant addition have been bosses:
They are procedurally generated, and appear every 5 stages (that is, every 2:40 minutes). They consist of a “string-joined worm” of normal enemies, whose members depend on the current difficulty. The movement behaviour is given by the front ship, but each single one keeps its shooting ways. When one of the ships gets killed, the worm gets divided into subworms. It can be seen in action in the following gif:
Battling against a boss.

The game is currently close to launch (I’m aiming for a January release), and I’m currently working on the UI and leaderboards.
I’ll probably write another small post about the three different leaderboards the game will have and why I chose them.
For now, just this little update :)
See you around!

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