It’s been two weeks since Super Spaceship Wars has been uploaded to the Google Play Store.

The reception was not overwhelming, however for being my first game out there I think it was pretty good.

Some hard numbers:
The game was downloaded by around 80 people, who played a total of 554 games, which makes around 6 games per person. Averagely, 1.5 games are played per session, which basically shows that a big portion of the people who played it once, played again.

And that’s enough for me to consider it a success :)

Another interesting fact, is that 75% of the users are from Argentina.
The launch day, around 35 persons (friends and family) downloaded it. From then on, I can say without a doubt that word-of-mouth was the decisive factor that spread it some more.
I spammed it a bit around twitter and nagged some specialized websites (and in some it got published), however that didn’t really translate to actual players.

So, what’s next? I’m not planning to give it much more marketing, that’s not my field!
Currently I’m fiddling around with some ideas for a next game, still prototyping. As soon as something interesting pops up, I’ll make sure to post it around here!

For the meantime, Super Spaceship Wars is not shy to get some more downloads!

Cheers :)

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