Heads up!


This has been really quiet for a while, because I didn’t have too much to actually share.
This actually makes me think that a blog may not be the best format to use in my personal website, so I’ll be probably making a complete overhaul around here anytime soon.

Currently, I’m fiddling around with Unity3D engine, and oh man it’s a powerful tool. I’m trying to prototype a 3D game, but I won’t share much more about it until it gets to a more advanced stage; maybe it just stays a prototype, who knows.

On a side note, I challenged myself to make an image a day for a month. I’m not good at drawing, and I think it’s a good way to force myself into it. I’m uploading the images to Instagram, here. Don’t expect anything good, there are a few interesting things here and there but it’s mostly crap, however making it public makes me compromise to it!

Well, without much more to say, zamaroht.com will probably get a makeover soon.


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