Freelance Game Developer

Currently I started to work as freelancer on several projects, including some VR experiences for local events and a batch of educational games complying with US school curriculum standards.

AGS VR – ComicCon 2016
Educative Games | The Biosphere Reserve | Legends Of Learning
Educative Games | The Forest Keeper | Legends Of Learning

Lead Developer @ Artik Games

Worked as technical leader in many mobile games for iOS and Android, many of which got featured listings in both Stores.

* More than 15 games launched
* More than 5 million downloads across platforms.
* In charge of developing a common software layer for all games, reducing production time, increasing critical code robustness and allowing to update previous games.
* Design of internal infraestructure for repository managment and documentation.

Also developed a web game for Cartoon Network, with support for Desktop and Mobile.

Merrie Melodies: Bugs Bunny – Mountain Madness
Splashy Cats: Endless Zigzag Waterslide Arcade Game! (ArcadeGo Recommended)
Crystal Rush! Color Shoot Arcade (By Artik Games) iOs/Android Gameplay

Super Spaceship Wars

After being away from the gamedev community for some years, I finally managed to finish one more full game. It’s an arcade space shooter, with interesting movement mechanics and dynamic difficulty.

Android only, available at the Google Play Store.

Made a series of posts during the development process with problems I found and how I sorted them out.

Super Spaceship Wars – Gameplay Trailer!

Python Developer @ FaroLatino

Development of a desktop application with music player, social network and streaming features; based on a peer-to-peer decentralized architecture:

* Developed on Python.
* Worked with audio and TCP/IP networking low-level software libraries.
* Took high-level architecture decisions, with support for decentralized and distributed databases.
* Four-person team.
* SCRUM methodology.
* Development of the product from the beginning, up to an Alpha stage.

San Andreas Multiplayer

I actively participated in the SA-MP community. It’s been a long journey with lots of new friends in the way. Inside the SA-MP world, some of my projects have been:

Littlewhitey’s server admin and scripter. Among all the cool stuff, we pioneered a drifting script that set the standard for further development in drift scripts.
– The first textdraw editor, and a few years later an upgraded version, from which many of today’s textdraw editors are based on.
– Some scripting contributions to the LS-RP roleplay server.
Raceworld RPG: An ambitious server project, which totally modified the GTA experience, turning it into a racing-RPG-multiplayer game. I ended up abandoning it after almost a full year of development.
– Former beta tester and Spanish community moderator.

It’s been so many years, and the SA-MP community keeps getting bigger and bigger. The SA-MP project is an incredible accomplishment in the modding universe, you must definitely go check it out.

littlewhitey's SA-MP Server Drifting System
[SA-MP] Speed Art Textdraws GTA-V Style [Tribute to Kalcor]

RPG Maker XP

I started to get into scripting and game development when I got my first computer around 13. In 2006 I released ‘Lowerland’, my first full game.
Developed using RPG Maker XP, Lowerland is a story-driven RPG with few combats, and less than 2 hours long.

It’s not a brilliant game by far, but it has definitely been the stepping stone that developed my passion for programming and game design.

The game is in Spanish. Download here.